NASDAQ AAOI Stock Moves 5.39% Higher: Is It The Right Time To Invest?

Like last season, NASDAQ: AAOI at (Applied Optoelectronics Inc.) shares have risen again almost by 6% today. In the last one year, AAOI has been able to generate a solid volume which also showed some changing hands in its shares. Currently, the company continues to hold the recent uptrend successfully. Overall, AAOI stocks have been up by 23.8% in just one month’s period. Applied Optoelectronics has occupied a third Zacks Rank even with a negative earning ESP. However,the company is estimating the current quarter outcomes which may involve some troubles that might come down the road. Now, all investors are trying to understand whether it is the right time to invest or not!

Company Profile at the current situation:

After the reports of AAOI’s increased share value, many investors are ready to put their support on the NASDAQ AAOI value proposition. In addition to that, AAOI’s 10-day volume has grown by 0.66 million and it might see better growth in the coming weeks. Plus, its earnings per share are now at -3.60 with a total assets value of $453.54 Million. AAOI has put together solid data to demonstrate its underlying fundamentals. Right now, the investors should check on the latest updates as AAOI has been giving historically positive news for a long time.However, many traders are waiting for the latest quarter valuation which might disclose interesting risks and reward cases. So, traders should stay tuned to see if this recent report will push the stocks to test recent resistance levels.

Check Out AAOI Earnings Reports:

In the last quarter, NASDAQ AAOI made a massive profit of $6.34 million with a revenue increase of $40.47 million. It now has a free cash flow of -$11.03 million and its EBITDA came by -$11.54 million. These are comparatively better than AAOI’s other peers. While it maintained profit margins of -40.50%, the ROE (Return on Equity) is -25.30% and the ROA (Return on Assets) is -15.20%. So, traders should keep AAOI in their watch list for sure!

Of course, these numbers only represent NASDAQ AAOI sustainable earnings for the current period. Investors need to determine how sustainable and consistent the current run is. AAOI indeed has an outstanding shares value of 20.21M but it has a short ratio of 7.85. Applied Optoelectronics is holding a $208.79 Million market capitalization. Day by day AAOI shares credibility is increasing in the finance sector and more investors are showing interest in it. But, nobody can warranty you what is going to happen next. So,make sure to keep updated about AAOI stock rates in the coming weeks and decide based on the latest analysis reports! You can check this stock at your stock account. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.