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Pjur Lubricants

This is why all merchandise and elements developed and used by pjur are dermatologically tested to make sure they are completely pores and skin appropriate. All pjur silicone-based mostly private lubricants and the water-based personal lubricant pjur WOMAN Nude are free from preservatives.

Their refined, pleasant fragrances make them the right selection in your next massage. Our private lubricants are also nice for massages thanks to their excellent lubricating properties. A premium water-based mostly method, AQUA private lubricant is made with quality components that optimize the physique�s pure moisture. Your intimate care and sexual wellness embrace using the best lube for enhancing sex. Our private lubricants are hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and perfect for daily use.

Comfort Water Anal Glide, making it ideal for intensive anal intercourse. pjur personal lubricants are Made in Germany utilizing fastidiously chosen, pure elements.

The pjur BACK DOOR personal lubricants are designed for intensive anal sex. pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing is the silicone-based mostly anal private lubricant in the range. It accommodates jojoba extract, which helps loosen up the anal muscle.

What’s more, our silicone-based personal lubricants don’t comprise preservatives, are highly skin appropriate, allergy pleasant and dermatologically tested. Our pjur SPA products are the best choice for massages. The five pjur SPA massage lotions are actual improvements – they really feel like massage oils but don’t contain oil, silicone, fats or water. This means that they don’t depart a greasy movie on your skin after a sensuous massage.

As such, we recommend using the serums together with pjur personal lubricants as these will provide lengthy-lasting lubrication. Before they will impress customers with lengthy-lasting lubrication and different special properties, personal lubricants have to be pores and skin appropriate. After all, they come into contact with pores and skin and mucous membranes. Mucous membranes are particularly unforgiving if we don’t deal with them properly. So it’s crucial that we pay extra special consideration to ingredients here.

Silicone molecules are larger than the pores in human skin. As such, they type a breathable protective film that makes the pores and skin delicate and easy.

Its pure components make it the best alternative, even for extremely delicate pores and skin. The personal lubricant varieties a protecting film on the pores and skin. It does not clog pores and leaves the skin feeling silky easy while offering additional long-lasting lubrication. Furthermore, numerous exams have confirmed that this product is allergy friendly. Personal lubricants guarantee your intimate area is well lubricated and prevent painful friction.

It may be very efficient and appropriate to be used with anal toys. pjur BACK DOOR Regenerating is a water-primarily based anal personal lubricant that can be used with anal toys. The elements panthenol and camomile regenerate and soothe the skin within the anal space. After conducting lengthy-term tests, well-identified toy manufacturers have confirmed that our silicone-based mostly private lubricants are suitable to be used with their products. We aren’t aware of any cases where issues have occurred.

Medical grade components and distinctive formulas create personal lubricants you might be sure to love. However, the silicone in these merchandise has a unique function to the silicone in pjur personal lubricants. The film does initially have a lubricating effect.

Our top priority when it comes to our elements and components is to make sure they’re suitable with users’ bodies. However, some pure ingredients could have a slight inherent odour.

Is It Safe To Orally Ingest Pjur Personal Lubricants?

They are absorbed into the highest layers of pores and skin and go away the pores and skin feeling nice whereas at the identical time delivering excellent lubrication with none stickiness. Water-primarily based personal lubricants may also be used with all toys. pjur silicone-primarily based private lubricants comprise the best-grade silicones that provide additional long-lasting lubrication and a number of other benefits.

They usually are not lubricants, and usually are not compatible with condoms(!). For this use, we suggest pjur love and pjur med private lubricants. Both merchandise contain hyaluron, which binds moisture and creates small cushions of water that improve the lubricating effect. This provides added lubrication, which is especially important in the anal area as this a part of the body does not naturally produce any lubrication. The components in pjur BACK DOOR Comfort Water Anal Glide, however, are extra extremely concentrated than in pjur analyse me!

Many ladies undergo repeatedly from fungal infections. Water-based products are not all the time the most effective resolution right here because Inflatable Dildos the ingredient glycerin can promote the growth of these micro organism. In this case, it makes more sense to make use of silicone-based mostly products that do not include glycerin.

They may be wiped off simply, shortly and – most significantly – with out forsaking any residue, leaving your skin Ky Lubricants Sex Toys feeling dry but also delicate and enriched. What’s more, pjur SPA ScenTouch products are breathable as they do not clog pores.

  • pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing is the silicone-based mostly anal private lubricant in the range.
  • High-grade silicon ensures additional-long-lasting lubrication.
  • It incorporates jojoba extract, which helps relax the anal muscle.
  • The pjur BACK DOOR private lubricants are designed for intensive anal intercourse.

Which Products Can I Use For Intimate Hygiene?

Our commitment here is backed by certifications, external exams and high quality seals from independent organizations. Nevertheless, our personal lubricants should not be ingested in massive amounts as this will likely have a laxative impact. The anal space of the body isn’t naturally lubricated.

They don’t include any important substances and are secure to orally ingest. Our merchandise are topic to strict high quality control measures.

pjur personal lubricants meet the standard requirements of the European Union, US and Australian health authorities. pjur products are at present distributed in approximately 70 nations Ultra Thin Condoms within diverse market segments. This formulation is nice as a private lubricant and a therapeutic massage gel.

The use of a private lubricant is subsequently a must for pleasurable anal intercourse. This is the one way of compensating for the lack of natural lubrication in this area. Our anal products also comprise certain components such as jojoba and hyaluron to make anal intercourse even more gratifying. All firm merchandise have been developed internally and are manufactured one hundred per cent in Germany, with out exception.

Our pjur med PREMIUM glide, pjur med SOFT glide and pjur med SENSITIVE glide from the pjur med range also don’t comprise preservatives. In addition, our pjur SPA ScenTouch Neutral Way therapeutic massage lotion is free from preservatives.

Jorvet J0109 J-lube Obstetrics Lubricant Powder – 10 Oz

However, its main objective is to guard the pores and skin and cut back sensitivity. In distinction to silicone-primarily based private lubricants, the silicone in the serums is only used as a provider for the film-forming brokers.

pjur doesn’t add artificial flavourings or perfumes to any of its private lubricants. There is always a threat with these sorts of components that they could trigger skin reactions and even allergic reactions.

As a end result, you can have extra intense sex utilizing a private lubricant and in addition discover extra thrilling strategies. This is as a result of personal lubricants are extraordinarily versatile. You can use them to take pleasure in sensual foreplay, a relaxing therapeutic massage or to boost pleasure throughout intercourse. Furthermore, private lubricants are a should with anal intercourse because this space of the body doesn’t produce any pure lubrication. No, the products are formulated strictly to be used in sensual and erotic massage.

Pjur Lubricants

Why Use A Lubricant?

Pjur Lubricants

pjur solely makes use of extraordinarily excessive-grade silicones which are also used, for instance, in the cosmetics trade for the manufacturing of hair care and skincare products. However, to make certain, you possibly can test our private lubricants beforehand on a small area of your sex toy. pjur water-primarily based personal lubricants are, of course, excellent to be used with sex toys. pjur water-based personal lubricants guarantee your intimate space is well lubricated and likewise care for your pores and skin. They are our basic private lubricant formulas.

Pjur Lubricants

The silicone molecules stay on the floor of the skin and usually are not absorbed. As a outcome, pjur® ORIGINAL delivers extremely lengthy-lasting lubrication, making it ideal for intercourse and lengthy-lasting massages.

High-grade silicon ensures further-lengthy-lasting lubrication. pjur BACK DOOR Moisturising is a water-based mostly anal private lubricant that harnesses the moisturising properties of hyaluron to ensure excellent glideabilities.

Pjur Lubricants